vendor robbery pics

suspected in nyack robbery OF VENDOR

hi back in july i was robbed by two of these kids of many of my personal things.NOT ALL OF THESE PICS ARE THE KIDS ONLY 2 OF THEM PLEASE HELP ME FIND THEM... my bag , my money, all my credit cards, house keys, car keys. a wallet, gold watch personal documnents anyone with information please cantact me asap they are still at lasrge very dsangerous only 2 of these pics are the kids. a very large reward. the police have not found them yet but may know who they are. please any information means alot to me. my boyfriend reubin who passed away 5 months ago, they robbed his watch his wallet his phone these thing are all i had left from him they mean the world to me. kids like this should go to jail. i will never rest until i find my items and these kids get punised for a very long time. if you are the parents of one of these kids please call me all i want is my personal stuff back. email me at no questions asked just want my things back mgm tan bag, citizen goldtone watch dark face brown wallet, keys, cell phone x cover pro. a very large reward no questions asked very bad kids parents if they are yours you did a bad job bringing them up. they are known to ride bright colored skate board through nyack ny main street dangerous very bad kids lets get them before they do this to someone else. parents how could you bring kids up to do this. i will be going to all nyack schools this week showing these pictures at every school until i find them

if anyone in nyack ny sees any one of these possdible grand larceny kids notify me right away

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Please share your fall schedule.

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Where are you ? Latest fairs?

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